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About The Owner

Owner/Operator Dana L. Perdrizet is a Certified Master Dog Groomer/Stylist from The NYC School of Dog Grooming. Offering Revolutionary  Services,  In an Environment that Stand Apart From Traditional Groom shop. Completely Cage Free & Stress Free. With Open, Natural Lighting. In a Controlled Yet Calming Environment.  With a Passion for Pets and Life long dog industry experience, you can rest assure your furry family member will be in caring & capable hands. With professional background in Animal Medicine, training & behavior, Dana has a vast knowledge of our canine companions. Dana Has Professional Grooming History In Places Such As NYC Upper West Side, San Diego CA & Scottsdale AZ. Acquiring many different styling techniques in her travels, as well as  excellent hand scissoring skills and Show dog Grooming abilities. Specializing In Senior Dogs & Puppies, Scared/Nervous Dogs, Rescues & Special Needs Dogs. Native to CT, Dana returned to the area in 2009, working locally until fulfilling her lifelong dream of Providing A Salon that Caters to The Well being of Dogs.  

At Dana's Natural Dog 

You Will Feel Comfortable Knowing Your Beloved Family Member is in Loving/Capable Hands. 

The Service Provided, is What I Would want for my own Canine Kids.

  Life Long Dog Lover,

 Appreciates, Respects & Empathizes with Dogs

My Mission is to Show you and Your Dog

 That a Visit to The Stylist can be a 

Happy Experience. 

Even the Most Skeptical Dog , walks out with a Wagging Tail and a Beautiful Style. 

Just ask my Four Legged Clients, 

Wagging Tails Don't Lie!

Sadie & Dana's Rescue Dogs

My  Inspiration 
in 1999 While Living in NYC and attending NYC School of Dog Grooming. I Worked at Yuppie Puppy, Americas First Cage free Doggie Daycare. One day on the walk to Work I came across a terrified Puppy behind some Garbage Cans. Pacing & Shaking this poor girl wasn't more than 3 months old. Scooping up the abandoned Puppy I Was unaware of the effect this Puppy would have on my life. Whatever Happened to this Puppy in her first few months left her Terrified of the World. Dana Promised rescue this Puppy and Show her Kindness & Love. Sadie Loved other dogs and accompanied Dana to work every day. However She was skeptical of all other humans. She would shake and Quiver and hide in their presence. After three years Sadie Started to trust a select few. Sadie is now 13 years old and what a journey its been. Ive often wondered over the years, if I didn't work with Dogs what Id do? Who would groom her, who would watch her?  Sadie has been fortunate enough to have a Mommy who can bring her to work & groom her?  I don't know who I could trust with my Fragile, skeptical, sensitive dog. She cannot handle loud noises or Stressful situations. Her fragile personality would be further damaged. I began to realize there are many dogs like Sadie in the world. Dogs who need patience and understanding. Dogs who require a certain kind of care. Its not their fault they shake and hide. They become misunderstood by many. Only those who live with them know their beauty inside. My Sensitive Dog Sadie became the Reason I Specialize in "Special Needs" Dogs. Sadie is My Life, My Love, My Best Friend, My Child. She is My Teacher, My Muse, My Traveling Companion (NY CT AZ CA) She is My Reason. Of Coarse I do provide Services to all Dogs of All kinds. However, I cater to The Dog who has Sensitivities or Fears and the Human that calls them Family. The dog who's too old or the dog who's too young. The dog who cant stand still or has been known to bite. The Greatest Gift in doing what I do is seeing a scared, skeptical dog and their worried Human come through my door for the first time. Sometimes the dog will growl or Shake and I can see the concern and worry in their humans eyes. Maybe they have had a bad experience before. Maybe many times over. They arrive with the nervous energy, anxiety or fear.  By the end of the Groom, I'm getting kisses and wagging tails, I can see that smile  and a glisten in a dogs eyes. Their Human sees it too because Dogs Don't Lie. I do not think I found Sadie, she is too good at hiding and can fit under anything!  I think she chose to show herself to me because she recognized something I have inside. My true Heart and Genuine Love for all Living beings is something animals can sense. Dogs have always flocked to me since I was a child. My calm loving energy is something a dog can sense. My desire to help. My Calming energy combined with a feeling. They seem to know I Love each and every one of them as if they were my own. Sadie helped me Mold My Dreams of Owning A Business. It is because of her I cater to misunderstood Dogs. Sadie changed me forever. In my eyes there is nothing more rewarding than gaining the trust of a "special Needs" dog. Its my way of undoing whatever was done to them. Allowing them to open the door to trust again. I make a difference to any dog I can and this makes a difference to the humans who love them. I offer only what  Id want for my Sadie, My Princess Pea! The difference is my Reason for doing what I do. Dogs are a true gift to humans, they are precious and dear. My passion is in returning their faith in us humans. To see them trust. to see them happy and looking beautiful!. 
Below Are Photos Dana & Sadie have Rescued over The Last 13 Years. 
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