Dana's Natural Dog

Quality & Kindness

Why should you try Cage Free Grooming?

Clients are groomed immediately upon arrival, with most breeds finished and ready to go home in an hour and a half to two hours. In a human hair salon, your hair stylist is not working on multiple people at one time and in the same way, I am not working on multiple pets at a time. While most Groom shops take in numerous pets and place them in cages until the groomer is ready, Dana’s Natural Dog is dedicated to a stress-free and relaxing environment for all Dogs.

How much will it cost to get my Dog groomed?

Prices are based on the amount of time required to groom your Dog, rather than by breed. Prices are based on Size, type and condition of coat, desired style and frequency of Groom. Both, bath/brush and bath/brush plus haircut prices include a bath and brush with complete de-shed, tartar removal /breath freshener, ear cleaning, nail filing, foot pad and sanitary clip, anal gland expression, and all natural shampoo. I do not upcharge for these services, so you can be sure your Dog is taken care of in all aspects. Bath and brush packages also include trimming around the face, feet, and sanitary areas. Hygiene Services are the base of good grooming.

Taking care of animals is my passion and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to work with Dogs every day. Dana’s Natural Dog relies on your satisfaction and referrals to be successful. I will do everything possible to guarantee you are happy with the services you receive.

* Quality Products,

 NO Extra Charge

* Quality Accessories,

 No Extra Charge

* Before & After Photo, No Extra Charge

Prices based on the Following 

* Coat Type...

  Short single/double Coat

  Wire Hair

  Cotton Hair Single/double Coat

* Condition of Coat

*Desired Style

* Frequency of Groom


What makes My new cage-free salon so special?

 Here's a few facts:

Most Styles Complete in 2 hours or less and NEVER placed in a cage or kennel for drying or waiting.

My cage free salon is a clean, safe, and peaceful grooming environment.

You and your Dog will experience grooming in a brand new environment, where each dog and their needs come first.

Top Notch Stylist with over 15 years of experience will take wonderful care of your furkids during and after the grooming.

All inclusive pricing…. all the best products & service for all dogs. I will always use the appropriate, highest quality shampoo & products for your pups coat, and nail filing is always included.

Prices are based on time to groom, not breed . I feel that dog parents are often overcharged for grooming based solely on breed, to avoid this, I have designed rates around the amount of time required to groom your dog. Pricing is as unique as each dog.

My goal is to provide you and your furkids with the BEST customer service, an extremely PEACEFUL grooming experience, and EXCEED your expectations for every appointment.

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