Dana's Natural Dog

Quality & Kindness

Senior Dog 

Basic Hygiene & Comfort

When it comes to Senior Dog Styling, the focus is not on glamour. It is not my desire to have a senior dog endure long periods of standing to achieve the perfect Style. Seniors often suffer from arthritis among other ailments and it is unfair and unnecessary to ask them to be stressed or uncomfortable in the name of vanity. 

 Senior Dog Grooming 

Focuses on Basic Hygiene and comfort for the dog. During your Senior dogs groom, the focus is on inspection of the coat, skin, nail, eye and ear condition. Any abnormalities or areas of concern will be examined and discussed with you. The main focus is on Basic hygiene and achieving a quality yet easy to maintain style with the Dogs Comfort being the main priority.  Vanity services are not ofered on senior dogs, such as "clean shaved feet & Face" (pertaining to poodles) as arthritis & tooth decay make this painful for a senior. In addition asking a Senior dog to stand for hours of hand scissoring is not something we are willing to put an older dog through. Seniors are given as many rest breaks as they need. By serving one client at a time, your senior dog will never be pushed through a groom. Senior dogs have spent their entire life giving their human compassion and Patience and We feel they deserve the same in return. It is harder for seniors to stand for long periods of time and they can become unbalanced when lifting a leg for styling. We will do everything we can to provide you with the desired style of your senior dog as long as it does not unnecessarily cause distress. The important thing is that they are given a clean comfortable style.

Puppy First Visit 

"Getting To Know You Groom"

Your Puppy's First Visit to the Grooming Salon is Their Most Important Visit. The experience they have will mold their VIEW on grooming for LIFE! Therefor, it is Imperative their experience is a good one. The main focus on a Puppy first groom is Fun, Basic Hygiene, Fun & grooming salon sight & sound introduction. Please understand, we will not provide a full groom haircut for any puppy's fist visit to the groomer. It is best to have an introductory grooming as early as 3 months old, permitting your puppy has been fully vaccinated. Why don't we offer Full haircuts on a Puppy's first grooming experience? Quite simply, because the risk of injury is too great as well as the potential to cause a lifelong fear of the grooming experience. Why? It is extremely dangerous to use scissors and clippers on a dog that does not understand what these tools are. Often puppies want to lick scissors and even more often any attempt to force clipper work will leave your puppy petrified. Therefor, a "Getting to know you groom", is a slow and FUN introduction to the sights and sounds of a grooming salon and equipment. Your Puppy will have all basic hygiene services provided. Your puppy will get to smell and see and investigate the grooming tools used. Clipper introduction is simply turning on the clipper and watching their reaction to the sound and vibration, then pacing the clipper on the table& on the groomer to show Puppy ts OK. In between each tool introduction is praise, petting & FUN. Puppies react in several different ways to the equipment at first. Some are curious, some are unsure. A curious puppy needs to learn it is not OK to lick the scissors! A unsure Puppy needs to be reassured the equipment is safe. In addition, a Puppy's first visit is extremely stimulating and tiring. All the new sights and smells and sounds, quickly tire a Puppy out. Our Objective is to familiarize your puppy with The grooming experience, in a fun and slow manner. Your Puppy will be bathed, brushed and receive all basic hygiene services. This Introductory groom insures your dog will view the Grooming process as a positive experience, Forcing a Puppy to tolerate a complete groom is unfair to the dog and can be extremely traumatizing. You are doing your Puppy, Yourself & your Groomer a huge favor by respecting the fact Puppies need a slow introduction to grooming. 

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